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18th edition wiring regulations for wiring installations

18th-edition electrical installation regulations

Requirements for 18-Edition Wiring Regulations for Electrical Installations

18th-edition for wiring installations is a new course. All electricians must become familiar with it.

Electrical governing body City & Guilds have said their new updated version of the 18th edition course should come into effect on 1st January 2019.

They say the test is an open book multiple choice test.

Electricians who are already qualified to the 17th edition, would qualify for half day refresher courses.

These courses are designed to familiarise the electricians with the updated requirements of the new 18th-edition.

Newly qualified electricians should be qualified to the 18th-edition standards.

Cost of the course varies depending on the level of qualifications the electrician has.

To summarise in order to stay registered with part P schemes like the NICEIC, electricians would be required to show they meet the new 18th- edition regulation.

There are many articles relating to more information about the 18th-edition wiring regulations. Websites such are NICEIC or the electrician courses are a good place to start as well as electrician forums and local university or apprenticeships

To conclude the 18th-edition new wiring regulation which is released soon would be the new qualification level.

Therefore familiarise yourself with the requirements.

For further information or some simple guides as to what is changing exactly, sites such as the NICEIC are knowledgeable.

In conclusion  18th Edition qualification will also be essential if you want to join a Government Approved Scheme.

18th-edition, why do they keep changing the regulations?

Changes to the wiring editions are necessary to keep electrical installations up to current standards. They are there to help keep our environment safe.

Implementing the latest 18th-edition regulation, shows that you have your customer’s well-being in mind and that you are qualified and up to date in your everyday practices.

To conclude, the reason why it is so important to keep bringing in new and updated versions of the wiring regulations is not only for the safety of all those involved in the the electrical field but also for the continued knowledge to keep adapting and developing new strategies to progress in this field.

Electrical Services Offered By 365 Electricians

365 Electricians, specialise in all electrical installations, qualified electricians, NICEIC approved contractors.

Electricians registered with the electrical certification scheme.

All contractors undertake electrical works ranging from domestic installations to commercial projects.

Some of the services provided are security lighting, external lighting, electric gates and fault finding.

Not to mentions the ever popular electrical upgrades, new build projects and much more.

Electrical assessments take place on a yearly basis by the NICEIC to make sure we are compliant with all current regulations.

To conclude, 365 electricians regularly check to see if their electricians need further assistance in conforming to new regulations. They could not hold their NICEIC status.

Electricians who conforms to the 18th-edition compared to non compliant electricians have a better understanding of safety and development within the industry thus are able to deliver better.

To summarise, 18th-edition wiring regulations is basically additional knowledge to already qualified electricians to make sure they can deliver safe practices within their workplace. Furthermore  the aim is to provide greater understanding of the wiring regulations compared to what we previously thought.

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